Toni Graeme is a self published author in Victoria, BC. She has written all her life but on early retirement put her hand to writing, self publishing and distributing three books;

Women Who Lived and Loved, 2000 when IRS confirms a tax number it will be available on Smashwords

The Father of Canadian Art-Thomas Mower         Martin 2009 available in print from Toni

* Success Manual for Self Published Authors        2014 available at amazon.com  and in print from Toni 

Each book has it's own page, please visit them to see more about them.


Toni facilitated a self published authors group for several years helping others perfect their skills and success and get support to carry on. 


Now she participates in writers groups in Duncan, (Cowichan Valley) BC and on line by request




This is home to Toni Graeme's three self-published books and a bit more.  Just started in June 2015 so there is a long way to go with constant additions from viewers and myself.

There is an information and tips page for writers. Please feel free to pass this website URL along to others you think may

be interested and send me an email your questions.

Readers suggestions may be posted from time to time, you can use the submitform on the contact page to share with other writers - seriously or in humour. 

Writers can support each other in the development of writing skills, offer to review someone's book or share publicity and distribution ideas appropriate to the genre.

There were more self published books printed in 2008 than those printed by traditional publishing houses.  

On the Writer's Information page there is a list of self-published authors who are now famous.  Many like Charles Dickens had their works published in tabloids or magazines, some published later in a book, but they were not considered self-published. 

Virginia Wolff and her husband formed their own publishing company to get her works out into the world.


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