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 Thomas Mower Martin at his desk, Toronto, Ontario, aged about 75,  Circa 1913 


Early in the 1880's Martin built this eleven room house in Rosedale, Toronto.  Keen gardener that he was, he planted perennials and fruit trees even before work began on the b​uilding. He bought the lot next to the house that in winter served as an ice rink for his large family and their friends and a huge garden in summertime.



The biography of Thomas mower Martin details his adventure coming to the New World where he ventured to become an artist and art teacher.  He traveled in the wilds of Canada from 1862 to 1910 to paint the landscape history of Canada. He settled in Toronto, had nine children, was a founder of the Ontario College of Art and left a marvelous art legacy to Canadians.  

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'Thomas Mower Martin has always, to me, been one of the first artists to record an important part of Canadian History, on canvas and paper. 

When I found this little gem "The Father of Canadian Art" by Toni Graeme, I finished reading it and came away having a good feeling of knowing this great Artist even better. He left us his legacy of His great love for this country. Thank you for writing it" 

Born Pheiffer, Toronto Art Dealer