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Self Published authors need to be just as particular about the quality of their writing and book design as are traditional publishing houses. It is all about accommodating readers. Here are some major tips:  an excellent editor and a top notch book designer are essential so writers need to set a budget to cover those costs.  It is important to develop a base group of readers (start with family and friends) in your email program or a blog where you can provide brief comments on your progress to keep their interest.  Along with a public invitation, they can be attendees at the book launch; it can be at a book store or cafe or somewhere relevant to your topic. A publicity agent is a bonus and a big asset.

The Succee Manual is available through Kindle, Amazon or a print copy can be ordered from:   $20.00 Cdn plus postage

 Review from Brian E. Walsh     Since I wrote my first book a decade ago, the self-publishing industry has changed dramatically. If I knew then what I know now, my life would have been simpler, and I would have saved many thousands of dollars. Self-publishing has certainly come of age and if you plan to write your own book, you would be hard-pressed (pun intended) to find a resource as comprehensive as Toni Graeme's new "Success Manual for Self-Published Authors." If this publication had been available when I first got into the game, my research on the how-to of this business would have been straightforward. I highly recommend Toni's work to anyone who has either set the intention or begun the process.Type your paragraph here.    HTTP:// 


Review from Jim Bisakowski at   The more authors know about the self-publishing process, the more likely they are to succeed. This book has all the information a new self-publisher needs in a compact, easy-to-read form. Very well done!Type your paragraph here.


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