The Father of Canadian Art – Thomas Mower Martin, 1836-1934   $15 Cdn +  postage

Now in museums, college and university art programs,, museums, art galleries and private collections across Canada and US.  This is a biography of Martin's immigration from London, England to his settlement in Muskoka in 1862 to homestead.  Instead, he found unarable land and migrated to Toronto where he discovered his youthful hobby of drawing and painting would become a lifelong art career. He traveled the length and breadth of Canada 1865 to 1910. He wrote and spoke on An Artist's View of Canada that entertained eastern audiences. He was a member and lecturer in the Swenborg community in Toronto and beyond, even established a group in Seattle, Washington. Martin taught art classes in Toronto and was one of the founders of The Ontario College of Art.


Here are homes in the Temple Bar, London where Martin was born in 1838. His home was bombed out in WW II.


The building on the left is The Temple Bar, on The Thames River in the city of London, Eng;and,  where Thomas Mower Mower Martin was born in 1838.   Actually this one is a neighbour to his birthplace which was bombed out of existence in the second world war. The Temple Bar was once home to the Knights Templar and then became home to two societies of lawyers/barristers.


The building on the right is an 1863 sketch Martin did of the little house he built in Muskoka for himself, his wife Emma and firstborn  son, Edward.  Much though he loved this wilderness he found he was not able to grow food in the unarable soil. He reluctantly moved to Toronto where he went on to father nine children, farm a little and quite unexpectedly found his future would as artist. He was also one one the founders of Ontario College of Art. 




Here is Martin's sketch of his first home in Canada, in Muskoka. He brought  a carpenter from England to help him build it. 


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